A Guide to Minibus Insurance

If you own a minibus there’s money to be made transporting people to business meetings, conferences, sporting events or a night out on the town then one thing you must have however is the correct minibus insurance, if anything untoward was to happen and you didn’t have substantial cover your livelihood would be at risk. Compare quotes online to find the best insurance policy at the right price, look out for the following features:-

  • Fully comprehensive, third party, fire and theft
  • Private and public hire cover
  • Insurance policies for any driver aged between 21 and 70
  • Pleasure, school, sports club and charity insurance
  • Replacement minibus for non-fault accidents
  • Breakdown cover for your minibus which includes home start and European protection

It’s worth noting that minibuses can be either purpose-built vehicles or conversions from vans, most minibuses will have at least nine seats including the driver and a seating capacity for seventeen passengers. A minibus which has had seats removed must be re-registered with the DVLA with its correct new seating capacity and also have the logbook amended before insurance is granted.

minibus insurance

Ways To Save Money On Your Minibus Insurance

Why not request a free no-obligation quote, you’ll be asked for the relevant information that is required by completing and submitting an online insurance request form. A quick quote will be given by a friendly member of staff who can also discuss additional options regarding your minibus insurance too. Rest assured a competitive quote can be found by comparing prices and policies from various sources to reach a favourable outcome for you.

For More Information

For customers who wish to discuss minibus insurance in more detail, then take a look at the online form and provide the way in which you prefer to be contacted. This can be by e-mail, text message, mobile or landline phone, a team member will do their best to get back to you as soon as possible. Insurance for a minibus is extremely flexible including the cost and the cover, there’s no complicated jargon used within the policy itself, everything is quite straightforward.

Know About Your Minibus Insurance

It’s worth spending some time reading about how insurance works which can help point you in the right direction concerning prices and policies. Naturally insurance varies with the amount of premium you pay, the cover you get, including the excess which is the amount people have to pay if an accident does happen and you have to use the claims service. There are many handy hints, tips and advice about how consumers can keep the cost of their insurance packages down but at the same time not compromising on the quality or service on offer.

Cover Available for all types of companies and organisations

  • Minibus insurance for private/public hire
  • Minibus insurance for charities
  • Minibus insurance for contract work
  • Minibus insurance for church group trips
  • Minibus insurance for nursing and care homes
  • Minibus insurance for pleasure use for the family
  • Minibus insurance for commercial use
  • Minibus insurance for schools and universities
  • Minibus insurance for voluntary Organisations

The Benefits Of Having Minibus Insurance

It’s reassuring to know that if an accident does occur, your claim will be dealt with professionally and courteously at all times. The benefit of dealing with a reputable online insurance company is that customers won’t have any worries concerning making a claim on their minibus insurance.

minibus insurance