Minibuses are extremely popular in the UK thanks to their low cost and versatility. Businesses and individuals alike use them for a variety of reasons. Of course with any valuable asset it is essential to make sure your minibus is protected by having adequate insurance. When it comes to minibus insurance there isn’t a one-size-fits-all policy. Each policy will vary greatly depending on the amount of vehicles being insured and what they are being used for. By the end of this article you should have a good understanding on the type of insurance you should be looking for and how you should go about getting quotes from insurance providers.

For Families

Whilst most people might assume that minibuses are used primarily as taxis and charity vehicles, many families also use them for their large size and comfort. If a minibus is being used solely for domestic, non-profit purposes then insuring it is much like insuring a car. You have three main types of insurance, those being – fully comprehensive, fire and theft and third party. Of course fully comprehensive is always preferable for a family vehicle.

Bear in mind that if you have this type of cover for your minibus you cannot use it for any financial gain at all. If you want to use it as a means of making money then you must get a higher level of cover that takes public liability into account.

For Business

There are a few different ways a minibus can be used for business but one of the most popular uses is as a taxi. Minibuses are ideal for use as taxis as their large carrying capacity and storage space makes them ideal for parties being transported, whether it’s a family going to the airport or business people to a meeting.

If you require this type of insurance for your minibus you must have public liability included to make your vehicle road legal. It’s also a good idea to have replacement vehicles included as part of your policy too. Since your businesses is relying on the use your vehicles you don’t want to be left short if there are any serious problems with them.

Getting a Quote

Getting a quote for a minibus, whether it’s for business or private use, is actually fairly simple. Most insurance companies have a website so getting a quote is usually just a matter of filling in some required information which the insurance company uses to calculate a price. Shopping around is always a good idea as you can often make significant savings.

It may tempting to assume that a minibus is under less risk than other types of vehicles and therefore you don’t need comprehensive coverage but unfortunately this just isn’t the case. This recent news story about an arson attack on a school minibus just demonstrates this further –

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