How comprehensive is your minibus insurance?

The recent case of an attack on a minibus belonging to a group of young dancers has highlighted the need to get the right minibus insurance.  Without the right cover you could find your community group, charity, school or church out of pocket.  You may also find yourself without your valuable vehicle for an extended period.

Keep reading to learn about this appalling case and why you should ensure you have the right minibus insurance.

Dancers distraught over attack on their minibus

The Scarlett Spitfires Dance Troupe from Staffordshire recently held a variety of fund-raising events – including car boot sales and charity bag-packs – to raise just under £2,000 to buy a minibus and minibus insurance.

However, the Sentinel reports that ‘police are hunting vandals who slashed the tyres of a new minibus bought to transport a troupe of dancing girls.’  The tyres on the minibus were slashed just hours before the girls’ first dance competition of the year.

Mrs Starkey who runs the troupe said: “The van cost just under £1,000 and it took a long time to raise the money. The troupe has only been running two years, so it’s very upsetting.”

Make sure you get the right minibus insurance

This case highlights the need to ensure you have the right minibus insurance for your vehicle.  While you may have considered basic cover against accident or theft, have you thought about what you’d do in the event of malicious damage?

When you shop for minibus insurance, price will often be your major concern.  However, the cheapest policies often do not provide the most comprehensive cover.  So, taking into account both the quality of the cover and the price is important.

Ian Crowder, from AA Financial Services told the Guardian: “You need to understand what you’re being quoted for.  Many companies on comparison sites will strip out certain elements of cover and raise excesses to keep quotes down.”

When buying minibus insurance, consider factors such as:

  • Does your insurer offer round the clock assistance to help you get your vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible?
  • Does your policy include cover for malicious damage, such as the slashing of tyres as in this case?
  • Do you want basic third party cover or fully comprehensive cover?

Sarah Scarlett who runs the dance troupe said the vandalism had left her ‘disappointed and angry’.  So, if you want to make sure your vehicle is properly protected, make sure you get the right minibus insurance.
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