When was the last time you reviewed your minibus insurance?  You may be paying your insurance on a regular basis, but have you recently checked that it’s providing you with the protection that you need?

Malicious damage and thefts from minibuses are becoming an increasingly common problem.  The recent case of a charity minibus that had a vital part stolen has highlighted the importance of getting the right minibus insurance cover.  Keep reading to learn more about this appalling case and how you should make sure you have the right cover.

Charity faces £1,500 bill after catalytic convertor theft

The Crawley and Horley Observer recently reported that a catalytic convertor was taken from a vehicle belonging to Crawley Community Transport, which transfers children with disabilities and special needs around Crawley.

The damage has taken the charity minibus off the road for two weeks.

Chris Cheshire, trustee for Crawley Community Transport, said: “It’s unbelievable that someone would do something like this.

“I hope they feel good about themselves when they realise that they’ve actually hurt the community, that the cost of replacing it is the equivalent of 300 trips by Dial-a-Ride.”

Driver Susan Oram said: “I think it’s despicable that someone could steal from a charity. The minibus is covered in signs, there’s no mistaking what it’s used for.  The charity relies on donations and this is going to cost a lot of money to replace. How can anyone do this sort of thing?”

The repair bill is expected to be around £1,500 – a significant sum for any charity or community group.  So, if you run a minibus, it’s vital that you are protected against this sort of damage or theft.  Keep reading to learn how.

Make sure you protect all risks under your minibus insurance policy

Many minibus insurance policies offer cover against both malicious damage and the theft of contents.  If you carry valuable items in your minibus then it’s important to consider this type of cover.

And, with metal thefts on the rise, you should also ensure that your vehicle is protected against malicious damage.

If you haven’t checked the small print on your minibus insurance policy recently, now could be the time to do so.  Experiencing one of these distressing episodes only to realise that your insurance policy doesn’t cover you could leave you significantly out of pocket.
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