There are thousands of minibus journeys made on UK roads every single day.  From private hire minibuses to vehicles used by schools, nursing homes and charities, minibuses are a great way to transport your group.

Making sure you have the right minibus insurance cover is vital to ensuring you and your vehicle are properly protected.  So, always ask these four questions before you buy mini bus insurance.

What does the policy cover?

Not all minibus insurance policies are the same.  So, when choosing the right minibus insurance for you, establish whether your policy includes cover for:

  • The number of passengers you intend to carry
  • The total weight of your vehicle including passengers
  • Driving abroad – If you plan to use your minibus abroad, check that your insurance policy includes overseas cover

Should I choose third party or comprehensive cover?

You will find that there are three different types of minibus insurance generally available.  These are ‘comprehensive’, ‘third party, fire and theft’, and ‘third party only’.

‘Third party only’ cover ensures that you are protected in the event of any liability for death, injury or damage to a third party or to other people’s property.  For example, if you had an accident with another vehicle that was your fault; your ‘third party only’ insurance would cover the cost of repairs to the other vehicle, but not to your own minibus.

‘Third party, fire and theft’ offers the same cover, but it also provides insurance against your minibus being damaged by fire or being stolen.

‘Comprehensive’ insurance includes all of the above, plus cover to repair damage to your own vehicle.

Make sure you choose the right level of cover for you.

Am I eligible for ‘fleet’ cover?

If you own a number of minibuses, it may be possible to arrange your insurance on a ‘fleet’ basis.  This means that all your minibuses can be covered under one insurance policy, instead of you having an individual policy on each minibus.  This type of cover is often cheaper and more straightforward.

How many drivers can drive my minibus under the insurance?

There may be times when you need your minibus to be driven by different people.  So, when choosing insurance, make sure that you choose a policy that allows multiple drivers to be named.
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