As the driver of a minibus, there are many expenses to worry about – tax, parking, maintenance etc. so you should do your best to save on your insurance wherever possible. This recent news story demonstrates that expenses for minibus drivers can come from anywhere –

Leeds and Bradford Airport: ‘Kiss and fly’ tax triples for minibus drivers


Controversial new airport charges will hit drivers of larger vehicles in the pocket.

 Minibus, coach and drivers of any other vehicle with eight or more seats now have to pay £6 to drop off or collect travellers from Leeds Bradford International Airport.

Most minibus drivers will do whatever they can to save on their insurance. One tip that many drivers use is to pay for their insurance annually rather than monthly. Most insurance providers will offer a decent discount when the policy is paid for in this way.

Unfortunately it’s sometimes unavoidable to have the cost of your insurance increase. This is usually down to having to make a claim. The best way to avoid any unnecessary claims is to drive safely, secure your minibus as best as you can and not leave any expensive equipment inside it.

A company in Felthorpe was the victim of a particularly bad minibus theft recently, with the culprits not only stealing the minibus itself but also stripping the seats out of it and stealing thousands of pounds worth of equipment. See below for more on this story –

Minibus stolen from Felthorpe Industrial estate


Four businesses in Fir Covert Road were targeted in the early hours yesterday, including the coach company, People Movers, which was also targeted last November. Thieves stripped the seats from the Mercedes sprinter minibus and left them lying on the ground, before filling the inside with stolen items and then driving away.

Stories like this really illustrate how devastating an effect a theft can have on a business. In a perfect world incidents like this would not occur but the best you can do is to protect your minibus as well as you can with a comprehensive insurance policy.

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