Minibuses play such a vital role in so many people’s live that it’s always upsetting to hear when a minibus has been targeted by thieves or vandals. Whilst insurance can usually cover the cost of any damage or theft, it always comes at a price to both the owners and the people who use it. A recent news story from Kidsgrove shows how mindless attacks on minibuses usually are. A group of vandals smashed the windows of a couple’s minibus that’s used for a dance troupe. They now have to face the choice of repairing the windows themselves or having their insurance premiums rise. More details below

Masked yobs smash in minibus windows in Kidsgrove


MASKED vandals have trashed a dance troupe’s minibus in an early-morning attack.

They used glass bottles to smash the windows of the Scarlett Spitfires’ vehicle parked in a street in Kidsgrove.

The attack was recorded on a CCTV camera which was also damaged in the attack.

Now police are trying to catch the yobs who struck in Third Avenue at around 3.30am on Wednesday. A car was also vandalised around the same time.

Scarlett Spitfires is run by married couple Ivan and Hazel Starkey and their daughter Sarah Scarlett.

Hazel, aged 48, said: “At just after 3.30am I heard a smash and thought there must be an idiot messing with the bins.

“I checked around and couldn’t see anything so I went outside and remember thinking ‘Oh no not again’.

“We had cameras put in after the last time when youths targeted a car and minibus and slashed the tyres.

“From the latest footage we know they had masks on. We have had enough. We did think about closing the troupe but then the thugs would have won.”



In lighter news – a couple who owns an ice cream van has been helping to raise money for a children’s charity to help them buy a new minibus. Read the full story below


N-ice work! How cool customers are backing our paper’s minibus campaign



ICE-CREAM sellers Pauline and Carmelo Mastroianni love to see the smiles on children’s faces when serving up their treats – so when they saw a chance to help needy kids they jumped at it.


The couple, have been selling ice creams at The Spot in St Peter’s Street, in Derby, for twelve years and have been in the business for over four decades.


Every year they raise cash for charity by encouraging customers to donate to a collection box in their van


Last year the money they raised went to Children in Need but this year they will be handing the proceeds to the Derby Telegraph’s Give Us A Break campaign for The Derbyshire Children’s Holiday Centre.



The news relating to minibuses is always varied. You can find stories that will warm your heart like the couple raising money for the children’s charity but then there are the stories about senseless vandalism and theft. For any minibus owner it’s always important to have a good level of insurance as unfortunately they’ll always be risks out there. Keep checking back for the latest minibus news