One of the main things that charities and community groups around the country raise money for is to buy a minibus. Minibuses are ideal for small groups who want to get around in the most practical way possible. What makes minibuses so suited to transporting small groups is that they’re relatively inexpensive to run and usually offer wheelchair access. Recently the Mayor or Merton presented a minibus to a charity after a year in office. Councillor David Williams has helped raise more then £55,000 in his first term with a slew of fundraising activities. Read more details by clicking the headline.

Mayor of Merton, Councillor David Williams, marks end of year in office with mini bus presentation


The mayor of Merton has signalled the end of his year in office by presenting a charity with a new minibus.

Councillor David Williams raised more than £55,000 during his term through fundraising activities for his chosen charity, the Wimbledon Guild.

Events included a race night, Bollywood evening, a Hollywood in Mitcham event, as well as the annual mayor’s ball.

The Wimbledon Guild was presented with the new bus on Tuesday, April 30, with another bus due to be purchased to help the charity with its transport needs.

Councillor Williams has attended more than 300 engagements over the year.
In news from Bradford, a number of minibus drivers in the Bradford area have been warned by police after transporting passengers without having the correct licence. Read more details below.

Minibus drivers get warning from police over licences


Police are warning minibus drivers in Bradford to make sure they have the correct licences after five minibuses were seized at the weekend.

The drivers were all taking workers to and from factories in the Wakefield area, but officers found they didn’t have the relevant licences to allow them to drive the minibuses or charge the passengers for the journeys.

A West Yorkshire Police spokesman said the practice may also be happening in the Bradford area.

Inspector Dave Peach, who leads the Southern Area road policing unit, said: “If you are planning to drive a minibus it is important to make sure you have the correct licence – it must have a D1 category.”




Whilst minibuses certainly serve a vital role in many communities, there are unfortunately drivers out there who’ll transport passengers without having the right type of licence or insurance. This is not just unfair to their passengers but they also put themselves at great risk of liability claims and fines. Keep checking back for the latest minibus news.