It’s an unfortunate fact that many of the scams in the UK revolve around vehicles. This is proven by things like ‘cash for crash’ schemes and the like. A recent news story further proves this point. A man set up websites offering cheap van and minibus hire services. By undercutting the competition he was able to attract a lot of custom. Unfortunately for his customers, he didn’t actually have any vehicles to rent and instead took their deposit money and ran. You can read the full story by clicking the headline below.

Hammond Kumar piles up the scams with UK Van and Minibus Hire

As scams go, it couldn’t be simpler. Set up a website offering a vehicle hire service and rake in customers by undercutting your rivals.

Next, take deposits and don’t supply the vehicles.

Finally, don’t give refunds. Job done.

The master of this blatant rip-off is Hammond Kumar (above) and on our first attempt to talk to him, Penman was thrown across a car by a thug who burst out of Kumar’s house.

His shameful track record begins with A1 National Car and Van Rental Limited, which resulted in hundreds of complaints beingsent to Trading Standards in ­Leicestershire.



In lighter news, Emmerdale favourite, Chris Chittell is to present a minibus to Sheffield college next week. The minibus will help students to travel between the different sites at the college. Click the headline below to read the full story.

Emmerdale star to hand over Sheffield minibus

EMMERDALE actor Chris Chittell – who plays Eric Pollard – will present a minibus to a Sheffield college next week.


The actor, who has been invited as a celebrity guest, will be joined by Coun John Campbell, Lord Mayor of Sheffield, when he presents the bus to Freeman College – an educational charity that caters for young people aged 16 to 25 with severe autism and developmental problems.

The 15-seat minibus, costing £33,000, will be used to enable pupils to travel between the college’s seven sites.

It has been paid for by Lords Taverners, a youth cricket and disability sports charity, which has pledged to donate more than £3 million this year.

Staff from the Sheffield office of Investec Wealth & Investment will also attend to see how their own fundraising efforts will benefit youngsters with disabilities.



The sheer amount of minibus-related news to be found from around the world just shows how important these vehicles are in people’s everyday lives. Whether it’s for charities, nursing homes, schools or sports events, minibus are an invaluable means of transport for so many groups around the world. Be sure to keep checking the blog regularly for more updates.