For a lot of communities minibuses serve a vital role. In many poorer communities in particular, public transport is an absolute necessity and enables residents to get about without having to pay for a car or taxi. A recent news story from Hebden Bridge demonstrates this point perfectly. Residents there are being given a new minibus that is free to use for the month. Read the full details on the Hebden Bridge Times website by clicking the headline.

New minibus to serve estates is free to use this month


Residents of the Eaves and Fairfield estates in Hebden Bridge can now make use of a new minibus service that will be free to use this month.

The service, which operates from Monday to Friday, has resulted from changes to the Hebden Bridge bus network.

Operated by private firm DK Travel, it is a morning-only service which will see buses running hourly into the town centre, stopping at New Road.

Metro, which has funded the new service, known as F, says it has been introduced to replace the withdrawn service E from Fairfield.

Service F will operate initially until October and then be looked at again as part of Metro’s bus service review in the Hebden Bridge area.




In news from Derbyshire, there’s an appeal to raise money for a new minibus to take disadvantaged children on holidays. The organisation trying to raise the cash for the new minibus only have until June, when the current minibus will be out of operation.


Minibus appeal is becoming urgent


THE need for a new minibus to take disadvantaged children on much-needed holidays to Skegness has become more urgent in the past few days.

Just over a week ago, the Derby Telegraph launched the Give Us A Break appeal to raise £30,000 for a replacement minibus for the Derbyshire Children’s Holiday Centre.

The centre has until June to raise the money because the current minibus is reaching the end of its working life.

Now Bill Tomlinson, chairman of the charity’s trust board, has been told during a routine check that the minibus’s exhaust is showing signs of blowing.
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Stories like these show just how important minibuses are to a community and how much they’re relied upon. Without the use of a minibus, there are many groups of people who simply couldn’t get around in a practical way. By raising funds, local charities go a long way to improving the lives of people within their community. Be sure to keep checking back to the blog for the latest minibus news.