The newly elected Pope Francis has been spotted touring Rome in a minibus with other cardinals. The new pope has a reputation for being humble and it seems as though he’s living up to his reputation. You can read the full story by clicking the link below.

Pope Francis takes to Rome in a minibus

POPE Francis has been caught on camera touring Rome in a mini-bus and paying his tab at a hotel.

He’s been widely dubbed the humble pope, and he seems determined to live up to the title.

The official Vatican media office has released images of Pope Francis traveling on a minibus full of cardinals only hours after his election.

Instead of taking a Vatican chauffeur-driven limousine, the pope gathered the Church hierarchy into a minibus for the short trip to the Sistine Chapel.

He didn’t even pull rank to sit at the front – or the back.




In other news from America, a wheelchair accessible minibus is to be donated to a Californian organisation or individual who’s in need of one. People can enter the contest by explaining why they need use of the minibus and how it will improve their lives. Read the full story by clicking below.

California nonprofit giving away van, mini-bus for disabled

A wheelchair accessible minibus and van will be donated to a California or Nevada nonprofit and individual that need them, by Destinations Mobility in honor of its first anniversary, company officials said.

 A company spokeswoman said many of its clients are from Vallejo.

 The van will go to any disabled California or Nevada resident while the mini-bus will go to any organization in those states that needs it for its clients, they said. Winners will be selected by random drawing, but the entry form includes a section on how the vehicle would change the person’s life or, for the business, nonprofit or church, how it would help the people it serves. Entry forms must be received by May 20, at Destinations Mobility, P.O. Box 23100, Sacramento CA 95822.


When even the pope uses a minibus as a means of transport you know just how widespread their popularity is. Minibus are the most common type of vehicle that’s donated to groups as it’s ideal for transporting people together and also helps the disabled to get around much more easily. Keep checking back for the latest minibus news.